Booking the benefits of a rental car in advance

Why book your rental car in advance in the Malaysia?

Why is it better to book your rental car in advance in the Malaysia, and not on the spot? This is a question I am asked. The reason we recommend booking in the Malaysia is simple. We would like to offer you your ideal rental car. And the sooner you pass on your wishes, the better we will be able to give in.

Advantages of renting a car ahead booking
If you book your car rental at penang airport in advance, you can be sure that your ideal car is waiting for you when you arrive at your (holiday) destination. Especially if you have special wishes, we recommend booking a rental car in advance so that we can meet your needs. If you want to rent a car on the spot, we cannot guarantee that the car of your choice will be available. Especially in high season the supply is smaller and sometimes you have to move to a different, more expensive price category. We are happy to offer you a rental car at the best rate and if you book on time you are assured of availability and price at that time.

Moreover, booking a rental car abroad is often subject to a high deductible, you pay local insurance premiums or extremely high rates in case of changing weather conditions. The advantages that we offer as a mediator ensure this.

Advantages of a rental car booked in advance

Extra sure
In addition to the certainty that the desired rental car is ready for you, there are a few other advantages to booking car rental in advance. On-site insurance is often much more expensive and less well covered. In some cases, the glass tyre floor roof insurance cannot even be taken out on site. Since local landlords sometimes try to make extra money from a rental car, they may try to sell extra insurance and services. It is important to know that when you rent a car from Sunny Cars you are always optimally insured. It is therefore not necessary to take out another insurance policy on site.

Always check the rental agreement carefully before signing it. Have no extra insurances been written down? In case of doubt, you can always call us, even if you do not come out with the landlord. In the United States, they sometimes try to upgrade you to a more expensive category or offer you extra insurance. We have a partner deal that we can review within 24 hours.

So don’t clean up and call us. Outside “office hours” we are also available 24/7 via an emergency number. That’s also service at Sunny Cars!

Your rental car in option
Do you see a suitable rental car, but don’t want to decide right away? Our advice: book right away! Your booking is standard 5 working days in option. This gives you extra time for reflection and consultation, but you can always cancel your reservation free of charge!

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