All you need to know about moving with a removal company

Do it or do you have it done?
When moving, many people rely on their own efforts. With a few helpers, a rented van and a good dose of patience and nerves, furniture and boxes can finally also be brought from the old to the new apartment. But the work is not over yet. The furniture must be assembled, the shelf screwed on, the boxes unpacked. A move is often a time-consuming feat of strength. That’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Many freight forwarders also offer a complete relocation service, the luxury version of moving house. The customer can sit back and let the removal team do the work.

This is what a removal service offers
A removal service can include the complete removal. The commissioned company then takes care of every aspect of the action. The freight forwarder arrives with a whole team of specialists: Drivers, packers, craftsmen. They dismantle the furniture, unscrew the electrical installations, pack all the household goods, load the truck and transport everything to the new address. The full service program also takes place there: unloading, setting up, unpacking, screwing on. All that remains for the customer is the role of the spectator – and that of the paymaster. Because a full-service move is not cheap, it can cost between a few hundred or several thousand euros, depending on the size of the apartment and the volume of the goods being moved. If you don’t want to dig so deep into your pocket, you might consider a partial move.

But no matter what kind of removal service you choose: Get enough offers. These are usually free of charge. Serious offerers come to the inspection of the dwelling and provide afterwards a cost estimate. Customers should make sure that all necessary services are listed in the offer of the removal service, from packing material and the installation of no stopping signs to the rental and mileage fee for the transporter. Anyone who engages the freight forwarder not only for towing, but also for packing boxes and assembling and dismantling cupboards and fitted kitchens, has to dig deeper into their pockets accordingly. These variants can be offered with a removal service:

The standard move
The removal company takes care of transporting your boxes and furniture from the old to the new apartment. Advantage: In contrast to a privately organised move, the household contents are insured in the hands of a forwarding agent. But: With the removal service of the standard variant, the customer takes over the packing himself. However, these items are excluded from liability. Because the rule applies: Whoever packs is responsible for damage.

The full service move
With this removal service, the professionals not only take care of the transport of the household inventory, but also take care of dismantling and assembling as well as packing and unpacking the furniture. Advantage: You protect your nerves – and your back. In the event of damage, your belongings are usually insured via the forwarding agent. Disadvantage: The costs for a full service move easily double those for a move with own contribution. For an 80 square metre apartment, a move of up to 120 kilometres can quickly cost more than 1,600 euros.

The comfort move
This is the luxury version of the removal service: The employees of the removal company not only dismantle and rebuild the furniture, but also completely repack the contents. They documented how it should look in the bookshelf or kitchen cupboard in the old apartment with photos. If you are solvent enough for this type of moving, you can simply go on a holiday while the new home is being prepared.

additional cargo
The use of independent agencies is also worthwhile in the search for inexpensive transport options. To this end, the companies are looking in the market for free capacities of trucks that are, for example, on return journeys of orders or are only half loaded on the way to store their customers’ furniture there.

Cost-effective alternatives
Our TransportService from Fargo Moving Company offers a cost-effective alternative to the complete removal service: small removals with few items or the transport of a shelf from A to B are no longer a problem thanks to hourly rental. You rent the transporter (up to 3,5t) including driver and optional further helpers.

Quality features of the removal service
A couple sits relaxed on the loading area of your already loaded removal van
With the full-service move, professionals even take care of packing and unpacking.

There are many moving companies – from two-man student companies with rickety vans to professional companies with their own truck fleet. But where is the best place for household contents? Certificates provide a useful hint for a good removal service. They are awarded to companies that undergo regular quality controls:

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