Why You Should Maintain Your Garden

A garden offers countless possibilities that not only please the environment, but also yourself. A perfect combination right? The best known way to garden sustainably is to grow your own food. Of course you don’t have to build up your entire garden and banish the supermarket from your life. You can also grow your own food on a smaller scale. Simply choose some of the fruits, vegetables and herbs you eat regularly and see if you can grow them yourself. Not every species is suitable for the Dutch (read: cold!) climate, but you will still see that some crops, such as zucchini, tomato or cucumber, can also do very well in the Netherlands. Growing your own food is a great project, but the result is even more fun. Eating your own cultivated vegetable is healthy, tasty and cheap. The fact that it is also extremely sustainable, without all pesticides, is of course a good thing.

Your garden is a source of amenities, provided you choose the right tools. This way, your garden can also provide you with water. We are not talking about drinking water, we are talking about rainwater. Placing a rain barrel in your garden is a simple and relatively cheap way to garden sustainably. As we all know, there is no lack of rain in the Netherlands. The rain barrel collects this rainwater for you and you can then use it for washing your bike or car, or for watering your brand new vegetable garden.

With a rain barrel you can collect cheap and simple rainwater for use in your garden.

If we are on the environmentally friendly tour, try to stay away from chemical pesticides. We understand, of course, that you want to keep your freshly grown vegetables away from snails and other vermin. However, chemical pesticides are bad for the environment and often also for your garden. There are also sustainable solutions. Did you know, for example, that you can keep your snails out even if you put some coffee grounds around your plants? Snails don’t like this and so you create a barrier around your plants, as it were. Also try to welcome the natural enemies of snails into your garden. Snails have more than enough natural enemies, including hedgehogs, birds, toads and frogs. Make sure that these animals can also find a safe place in your garden, so that they like to be there. If this does not help and you are still forced to switch to pesticides, choose biological pesticides that cause as little damage to the environment as possible.

No garden? No problem!
Don’t have a garden? This does not necessarily mean that you cannot garden sustainably. If you have a balcony, you can already grow some vegetables or herbs yourself. On a balcony you usually don’t have a lot of space. So choose a few of your favorite foods and products that are easy to grow in pots. This looks nice and also takes up little space. Don’t have a balcony either? Then see if you can transform your roof into a green roof: a roof with small and light types of plants, such as fat plants and mosses, or out of larger shrubs or even trees. In the latter case, you can also use the roof as a pitched roof, which means that you can walk on it and grow food on it. Please note: not every roof is suitable for green roofs!

So sustainable gardening can make a huge difference. In addition, sustainable gardening is not only a fun activity, but the result is often also acceptable. Quickly into the garden so! If you want to find out more about gardens, click here: Tree Surgeon in Tonbridge & Paddock Wood


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